We are happy to announce that THE LEGEND OF THE UGL KING as well as HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF will be screening at the Kurdish Filmdays in Amsterdam this weekend

HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF by Soleen Yusef: 25th of May
THE LEGEND OF THE UGLY KING by Hüseyin Tabak: 26th of May

"THE MILAN-PROTOCOL" wins German Film Critcs Award in the Music Category

We are pleased to announce that Ted Gaier was awarded the German Film Critics' Prize in the Music Category by the German Film Critics Association (VdFk) for his work on "The Milan-Protocol" on 11 February 2019! 


Peter Otts Film  THE MILAN-PROTOCOL was nominated in the three categories Best Actress Catrin Striebeck ,Best Script and Best Music   for Preis der deutschen Filmkritik 2018 !

Iran-Premiere of "The Legend of the Ugly King"

Our film The Legend of the Ugly King by Hüseyin Tabak celebrated its Iran-Premiere at the Cinema Verite - Iran International Documentary Film Festival on 10th of December 2018.

international premiere of THE MILAN-PROTOCOL in Liverpool

Peter Ott's THE MILAN-PROTOCOL will celebrate its international premiere at the Liverpool Film Festival on 13 October 2018.

We are glad that the film has been selected for this year's festival programme in Liverpool.


Honorable Price for Mehmet Aktas' work with mitosfilm in Sulaimani (KRG)

We are glad to announce that Mehmet Aktas (producer and founder of mîtosfilm) has received a special award in recognition of his work with mîtosfilm and therefore his activities and impact on the Kurdish Filmmaking at the Sulaimani Film Forum.
The prize was awarded by Qubad Talabani, the Vice Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Following the award ceremony the screening of the mitosfilm production about the legendary Kurdish filmmaker Yilmaz Güney, The Legend of the Ugly King by Hüseyin Tabak, took place.

Many thanks for this honorable award, which we appreciate a lot!

Another Award for "The Legend of the Ugly King"

We are delighted to announce that Hüseyin Tabak received the award "Best Historical Documentary" at the International Documentary Film Festival BEYOND THE BORDERS (Castellorizo, Greece) for his documentary about the legendary kurdish filmmaker Yilmaz Güney, THE LEGEND OF THE UGLY KING.

Many thanks to the whole festival!



Our documentary "THE LEGEND OF THE UGLY KING - Yilmaz Güney" by Hüseyin Tabak will be released in german cinemas on 11th of October.

We are looking forward to this exciting cinema tour.

THE UGLY KING in Italy and Greece

Our documentary THE LEGEND OF THE UGLY KING by Hüseyin Tabak continues travelling through europe!

In the end of June it will be part of a special programme focusing Yilmaz Güney ("Yilmaz Güney: Despair of Hope") at the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival in Bologna, Italy.

In the end of August there will be a screening at the  3. Internationalen Dokumentarfilm Festival "Beyond the Borders" which takes place at the Castellorizo Island in Greek.

HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF receives Award at Manifesto Film Festival, Amsterdam

HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF by Soleen Yusef was the opening film at the Manifesto Film Festival in Amsterdam and furthermore received the award for the "Best Feature Film" there!

We are very happy about this honor, thanks a lot to the festival!