THE UGLY KING in Italy and Greece

Our documentary THE LEGEND OF THE UGLY KING by Hüseyin Tabak continues travelling through europe!

In the end of June it will be part of a special programme focusing Yilmaz Güney ("Yilmaz Güney: Despair of Hope") at the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival in Bologna, Italy.

In the end of August there will be a screening at the  3. Internationalen Dokumentarfilm Festival "Beyond the Borders" which takes place at the Castellorizo Island in Greek.

HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF receives Award at Manifesto Film Festival, Amsterdam

HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF by Soleen Yusef was the opening film at the Manifesto Film Festival in Amsterdam and furthermore received the award for the "Best Feature Film" there!

We are very happy about this honor, thanks a lot to the festival!


Award for The Ugly King in Bali

THE LEGEND OF THE UGLY KING by Hüseyin Tabak receives the Golden Award at the World Documentary Awards in Bali. We are very happy about this honor, thanks a lot to the festival!



02.April 2018 / BERLIN / Soho House

03./04.April 2018 / KIEL / Kino in der Pumpe



03.April 2018 / BERLIN / Babylon Mitte / 19.30 Uhr

04.April 2018 / KÖLN / Filmforum / 20.00 Uhr



05.April 2018 / HAMBURG / 3001 Kino

07.April 2018/ HANNOVER / Kino im Künstlerhaus

08.April 2018 / BERLIN / fsk Kino

09.April 2018 / BERLIN / Eiszeit Kino

22.April 2018 / OLDENBURG / Cine K

03.Mai 2018 / ESSLINGEN / KoKi


RELEASE (05.April 2018)

05.-11.April 2018 / BERLIN / Eiszeit Kino  / Brotfabrik / Babylon Mitte

05.-18.April 2018 / BOCHUM / Endstation

05.-11.April 2018 / BONN / Brotfabrik

05.-11.April 2018 / BREMEN / City 46

05.-11.April 2018 / FRANKFURT / Filmforum Höchst

05.-11.April 2018 / HAMBURG / 3001 Kino

05.-11.April 2018 / HANNOVER / Kino im Künstlerhaus

05.-11.April 2018 / KARLSRUHE / Kinemathek

05.-11.April 2018 / KÖLN / Filmpalette

20./21./22./29./30.April 2018 / MÜNCHEN / Werkstattkino



19.April 2018 / CHEMNITZ / Kino im Weltecho

29.April 2018 / OLDENBURG / Cine K

The Ugly King wins award in Nürnberg

THE LEGEND OF THE UGLY KING by Hüseyin Tabak receives the Öngören Award for Democracy and Human Rights at the Filmfestival Türkei Deutschland in Nürnberg. We are very happy about this honor, thanks a lot to the festival!

The Ugly King travels to Thessaloniki, Fribourg and Hong Kong

The festival journey of our film THE LEGEND OF THE UGLY KING by Hüseyin Tabak continues!

Following the screenings at the Göteborg Film Festival in February the film is part of the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival and the Fribourg International Film Festival in March. At the end of March the Ugly King will travel to China and attend the Hong Kong International Film Festival.


The Market Screening of THE LEGEND OF THE UGLY KING by Hüseyin Tabak at the EUROPEAN FILM MARKET - BERLINALE takes place at Feb 18th.

Berlin, dffb-cinema | 5.35 pm

Release of The Milan-Protocol in german cinemas

The distributor Real Fiction releases THE MILAN-PROTOCOLL by Peter Ott in german cinemas on January, 18th 2018.

Köln Premiere Fr. 12.01/ 20.00 Filmforum NRW
Hamburg Premiere Mo. 15.01. / 20.30 Kino Studio
Berlin Premiere Tue. 16.01. / 20.00 Kino Eiszeit

We are looking forward to the screenings and wish a succesfull cinema tour!

Meryam Boubani receives award for Best Actress in Marocco

Meryam Boubani was honored as "Best Acress" for her performance as Xezal (Pero's mother) in RESEBA- THE DARK WIND at International Film Festival Transsaharien Zagora in Marroco. We are happy for Meryam and thanks a lot to the festival.

Soleen Yusef wins the Prize for the Best Director in Bratislava

We are thrilled to announce a further award for our feature film HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF. Director and Scriptwriter Soleen Yusef received the prize for the Best Director at 19th Bratislava International Film Festival. The decision was explained with the following words:

"Soleen Yusef is a woman, who had the courage to explore with a sincere sensitivity the men in a very patriarchal society, who also chose to  film in a dangerous part of the world, in a nation that has yet to be created, Kurdistan, and who displayed a masterful quality of directing considering that this was her film school graduation debut."

Congratulations to Soleen Yusef, we are happy about this decision.