Reşeba - The Dark Wind


Feature Film, 89 min, Iraq (KRG)/ Germany/Qatar

Script: Mehmet Aktaş and Hussein Hassan

Director: Hussein Hassan

Production: mîtosfilm

Cast: Rekesh Shabaz, Diman Zandi, Maryam Boobani

Supported by: Duhok City, General Cultural Directorate of Bahdinan Region, Duhok Cinema Directorate, Doha Film Institute, EZEF-Brot für die Welt


World Premiere: Duhok International Film Festival (Opening film)

Busan International Film Festival (Closing film)
Stockholm International Film Festival (Impact Competition)
Kolkata International Film Fetival (Cinema International)
Miami Film Festival (Cinema 360º)
Belgrade International Film Festival - FEST (Competition)
Grand Newcomer Award Mannheim-Heidelberg (International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg)
APSA Cultural Diversity Award (Asia Pacific Screen Awards)
Best Muhr Fiction Feature (Dubai International Film Festival)
FIPRECI Award (Dhaka International Film Festival)
High School Award and Audience Award as Best Fiction Feature (Vesoul International Film Festival)


Reşeba - The Dark Wind is the first feature narrative dealing with the genocide against the Yazidi people living in the Kurdish Shingal region through the so called Islamic State.

The young Yezidi love couple Reko and Pero gets separated when the Islamic State attacks their village in the Shingal region of Iraqi Kurdistan. The terrorists murder many villagers and sell the beautiful Pero on a slave market. But Reko searches for his fiancée and finds her in Syria. They find shelter in a refugee camp but Pero is deeply traumatized and the future of their love is uncertain.  


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